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  Sublimate your look for a long time by opting for Micropigmentation of the eyebrows.  This is one of the most popular Semi-Permanent Makeup techniques.

Thanks to the various pigmentation techniques (Microblading, Microshading, Hybrid...) the  Semi-Permanent Makeup will allow you to structure, harmonize or densify your eyebrows in a  subtle and  refined.



This is the first step before pigmentation. It consists of  identify all the contraindications that may exclude the performance of the Micro-pigmentation treatment.


The treatment

In order to visualize the final shape of your eyebrows,  a preliminary drawing will be made, taking into account your facial morphology.

Sans titdre-1.jpg


The touch-up appointment will allow us to observe the post-healing result of your eyebrows. We can thus improve or correct them if necessary.

FAQ Micropigmentation
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